One Line Wipe

A cloth made from a single hyper thin monofilament thread. 

It cleans better than any other cloth with just a little water. No
chemicals or soap needed. 

It dries super fast, doesn’t leave streaks or stripes and is
environmentally friendly.

Use it once and you’ll never, ever want to let it go.

What’s so special about One Line Wipe?

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring this amazing technology to the general public so we can all enjoy bringing a bright sparkle to the things we touch everyday.

It's brilliant for drying wine glasses, cleaning metal or laminate surfaces, cleaning your glasses, phone or tablet, or for any other household cleaning task

For Wine/Champagne Glasses

For Mirrors & Windows

For Spectacles

For Tablets/Iphones/Ipads

For Cups & Plates

For Piano & Other Musical Instruments

Wiping a glass with a One Line Wipe becomes almost a pleasure for my team! Indeed, since the implementation of these wipers for a few months, I can definitely note its effectiveness in saving time and producing results.» 

Hieu. T, Deputy Manager of High-End Hotel (Paris, France)

One Line Wipe is a miracle! I compared both a regular cloth and one line wipe for my wine glasses and windows and the results are very obviously different. Regular cloths leave streak marks and cloth residue no matter how many times I use them, One Line Wipe removes stains and streaks in a blink of an eye! It's easy to use and leaves my wine glasses and windows sparkling, truly a miracle!» 

Ms. M.H (Saitama, Japan)

I have been using this wipe for 8 months now and I must say that my team is very satisfied. The result is convincing, does not fluff and is very absorbent. Nothing compared to any other kind of wipes that constantly leaves lint and needs to be ironed several times to make sure the glass is properly wiped.» 

Anthony. H, F&B Manager of 5 Star Hotel (Paris, France)

I love One Line Wipe. It absorbs water very well and dries very quickly. I used it in various ways other than wiping dishes. When I wiped the glass surface of the cupboard, I was impressed that the sticker marks (the ones that my daughter put on when she was a child) which had been around for a long time were removed cleanly.

Ms. Yukiko Sato (Tokyo, Japan)

One Line Wipe is incredible! They made my spectacles very shiny. It is useful for things that cannot be wiped with water, such as the piano or computer. It's hygienic and dries immediately after washing. Because it is so thin, you can clean even inside narrow gaps. It’s a fabric that is useful for many different purposes.

Ms. Emiko Saito (Bangkok, Thailand)